Handcrafted Steampunk Bong

Handcrafted Steampunk Bong

by JoeComma on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

My first go at doing concept work! Also the first project I did. Super happy at how it looks and I hope y'all do too!

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This my first attempt at prop design! I tried pushing all of it within a week,following what I know as the pipeline for concept art!
The theme I was given was "Steampunk Bong" !

I went through my first batch of silhouettes,exploring ideas and such,though I admit it was very scattered!

Whipped up my model for the "final result"

Realized that this design was not what I was looking for and decided to go straight back to the drawing board!

Decided to get some more specific Inspiration,looking for a more pretty look and more "Steampunk" flavor.

This was what I ended up choosing after mish mashing and playing with the silhouettes!

The model strayed slightly from the silhouette but I kept most of what I wanted in.

And this was the final render!A little sloppy I admit but I'm proud of the design itself!

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