Lair of the Monster

Lair of the Monster

Leonardo Evangelisti
by nardevange on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

From sourceimage to 3D environment, in 5 weeks

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Lair of the Monster

Concept art:

Sewer system, Jordan Grimmer [ ]


Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Zbrush, UE4, Maya, OpenShot, Photoshop, llustrator


"Lair of the beast" is my final project for the Intermediate term of my CG school Think Tank, Vancouver. Aim of this exercise was recreating a little environment or a corner of a room from a concept art, in 5 weeks, not using Megascan or others.

Well, I challenged myself and did more then a corner of a room! Hope I managed to put enough effort into all the aspects of the environment.

Creating and designing an environment is very complex, because you have to put effort into so many little things and details that otherwise you would not notice while you play a game or just enjoining what you see.

Lair of the beast was my first ever attempt to real time environments and UE4.

Thrilled to start using UE5 asap. Maybe I will update this using the 5.

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