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My 3D Characters and Props

My 3D Characters and Props

Gia Han Lam
by giahanlam on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello! This is my entry for the Rookies 2021, I am currently a student aiming to become a Character Artist! Here are my characters and props, thank you for looking!

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- The Princess of Ambrosia - 

I made this character based off the amazing concept by Airi Pan and became the winner of the Grads in Games 2021 Rising Star Character Art category!

The challenge was to create a game ready character within the timespan of one month and to deliver a polished result. I really love the design of the princess so I had to sculpt it! It was a valuable experience where I learned a lot of new tips and tricks to improve and speed up my workflow :)

Workflow: 3DSMax/Zbrush - Retopo in Maya - Texturing in Substance - Posing in Zbrush - Render in Marmoset

                            View the 3D model on Sketchfab with some ambient music! :)

I went through many iterations after receiving very helpful feedback! I also paid attention to creating the parts which were not visible on the concept, but would be visible in a 3D view.

Some extra wireframe and highpoly renders!

- Red Warrior -

My character sculpt from last year! Based on the wonderful design by Hou China.

I mainly tried to focus on sculpting clean assets with enough detail, and improving skin texturing in Substance Painter for the tattoo design. This project was sculpted and rendered in Zbrush with Zbrush materials, except for the skin which was made in Substance.

To speed up the workflow I started off a female lowpoly bodymesh made by Vincent Menier.

Based of Hou China's multiple illustrations I made a simple greyscale blockout first. After receiving feedback I improved the areas such as the face and hair and then moved on to the texturing.

For the clothes and armor I used real life references and had a few 3D Character artist examples which I really admire to work towards to as a goal

- Valorant Phoenix -

A fanart sculpt I did last year! I based my sculpt on Suke's promotional illustration of Phoenix to practice a more stylized look compared to the 3D model that is used in game.

- A Warm Moment -

A warm moment is a piece based on one of my favourite Ghibli movies, Spirited Away! It features No Face having a peaceful moment, which is based on one of the scenes in Zeniba's house.

The goal was to improve my lighting and texturing skills by making a small environment with a character and make sure everything fits well together. I really loved working on this piece as I love everything Ghibli related!
I spent a lot of time on the carvings in the wood and adding small details.

For the lighting I tried to match it as closely as possible to the painting of  The Young Seamstress by Bernard Jean Corneille Pothast.

Workflow: Sculpting in Zbrush/3DsMax - Retopo in Maya - Texturing in Substance - Lighting & Render in Maya

 The painting of the Young Seamstress

- Hunter's Edge -

The first bust sculpt I made last year inspired by the Destiny's Hunter Class. I made a rough 2D design to make sure everything would work in 3D. The helmet in particuliar was challenging to get right as it has many organic shapes. Most of the assets were modeled in 3DS max first and sculpted on in Zbrush afterwards.

As I made the sculpt based on my own design it was interesting to see how some shapes work very well in 2D but require some problem solving to translate into 3D.

- Happy Halloween! -

A spooky Halloween picture I drew and sculpted for a challenge! :D

A Sketchfab turnaround, music by Louie Zhong!

- Howl's Moving Camp -

A project I did last year to get familiar with Zbrush. I made a small camp based on my favourite Ghibli movie Howl's Moving Castle smiley

The scene was mainly inspired by the movie however I sculpted some assets based on these amazing artists' work!

The frying pan by Betty Jiang

The stone stove based on the artwork by Egor Belavsky

The magic book based on the artwork by Lín Álfsdóttir 

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