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A demon trapped in a mask needs your help! Journey to the far away temple, aided by the magic powers of the demon.

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Akuma is a 2D pixel platformer for PC made in the in-house engine TGA2D by first year students at The Game Assembly. The project span for 8 weeks halftime (20h/week) with a group consisting of 12 people in total. 3 Game Artists, 2 Animators, 2 Level Designers and 5 Programmers.

Apart from 4 unique levels with their own twists clocking in at around 20-40min, the game also features a fully animated intro and outro in voxel graphics, pre-rendered in Arnold.

The game can be played right here! Just extract the zip and open the .exe
(Disclaimer: The game is only available on Windows PC, best enjoyed with an XBOX controller)

Thanks for checking out our game, have fun!

Progress of a section from Daikop Dungeons (level 1) from Blockout to Final

Progress of Main Menu from Blockout to Final

6 Levels Deep:

Alva Granholm
Adam Dencker
Natthawut Boonsan

Aron Tinz
Sandra Andén

Markus Nilsson Robert
Christos Kalanidis
Lina Warntoft
Simon Broqvist
Filip Tynell

Level Designers:
Axel Ahlkvist
Marcus Svensson

Music & SFX:
Christos Kalanidis
Marcus Svensson

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