Joren Arens // Portfolio

Joren Arens // Portfolio

Joren Arens
by jorenarens on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello and welcome to my Rookie Awards 2021 entry! Below you will find some shots of the projects I worked on this year. I am an aspiring 3D-artist for props and/or environments. Most of the projects were primarily made with 3ds Max and Unreal Engine.

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Katana "Peacekeeper"

A game-ready, PBR-based katana made out of Damascus steel along with its sheath and a stand, themed around a lotus flower.

Erwin, a cat in a box

A parody on Schrödinger's cat, this is one of my first stylized characters I made. It is game-ready and was made with a PBR workflow. Based on a concept of Maniani (Twitter)

Environment projects

Below are shots of 2 different environments I made in unreal engine and plan to revisit in the near future, one is a modular sci-fi prison and the other an eastern temple high above the clouds.

With the new skills and techniques I learnt this year, I think I can really take these old projects to the next level by cleaning them up and adding some finishing touches. This is why I will be uploading their updated versions next year so you can see their evolution and my progress!

Modular sci-fi Prison

Pagoda Temple

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