My second year

My second year

by isabel98 on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

In this entry, you will watch my works that i made in the second year of my Architectural Visualization master´s degree in the Ceu San Pablo University.

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Looking the world throught a closed door

The last year, during the covid crisis, in March everyone had been forced to stay at home for our own security. In these days, i had decided to create a Project based on creating differents images from my city (Madrid). With these images, i wanted to express how many i missed staying freely outside . The images represents significant places to me like the school where i studied, the park where i used to met with my Friends and roads that i saw every day. 

The museum

The next images are from a reconstruction work at the archaeological museum located in Ourense (Galicia, Spain). There are differents rooms for future expositions that i had to recreated in 3d.

Autumn in Switzerland

And the last one, a concept for a few apartment buildings located at Switzerland. I had to fix many things in post production to get my desired result.

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