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The Gladiator Ulan (Real-Time)

The Gladiator Ulan (Real-Time)

Christopher Angus Roelofse
by IamArtist on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello, this is my final project for my Intermediate-Term in Characters for Games at Think Tank online and also my first ever entry into the Rookie Awards. The character is based of an AMAZING concept by "Naranbaatar Ganbold". Thank you to my wonderful supervisor "Saurabh Jethani" for guiding me through this process.

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The Hero shot, I wanted to make him look powerful, so I chose a from down to top angle for the camera, and gave him Dramatic lighting, focusing on the top part of his body. Playing around with his position, angling and lighting was fast and simple, since he is completely game ready, with 80k tris.

These are some front side and back shots. I wanted to add these to show off the entire model at all it's angles. I focused heavily on Anatomy for this character, and I had a lot of back and forth with my supervisor at TTTC to ensure that the anatomy is accurate and suits the type of Character he is ( A Gladiator ) and still captures the concept I was working from well.

Finally, just a close-up shot, a full-body shot from front and back, and a Wire-frame.

All of my assets have been made in Zbrush, from scratch. I blocked out rough shapes, and than used the cutout method, to make clean topology from my block-outs. Than shaped it to match the concept a bit better and sculpted the details from there.

Due to the my I constructed my assets during the cutout phase, most of my assets did not need to be retopo'd, just cleaned up in Maya.

I used substance painter for my texturing. Mixing generators, materials and a bunch of hand painting to achieve the end result shown here.

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