Keelin MacGregor - 2021 3D Portfolio

Keelin MacGregor - 2021 3D Portfolio

Keelin MacGregor
by KRMacGregor on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

The best of my game ready models created throughout my second year of University which I completed after deferral. I think this year shows how much I have honed my texturing skills.

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A game ready model of THE DOCTOR created for my group film FEVER DREAM for my second year final project at the University of Hertfordshire. The model was an asset taken though the full games pipeline, from concept to sculpt to texturing and was created and retopologised for rigging and animation in our film and this is showcased in the video above.

A selection of props created for my group film FEVER DREAM. Our film was based in a English hospital that was abandoned in the early 1990s so all the props had to match the time period.

Starting with two webbed cocoon variants, with one created using a base skeleton mesh by Narek Rustamian to start and the other a more basic shape to allow the environment artist to use them multiple times without it being apparent they are repeating. I spent time sculpting over by hand and adding alphas to get the right look of cobwebs.

Based on a mash up between a Panasonic KX-T7250 and a KX-T7030 landline phones to get the right look whilst combining elements from phones my team members liked to make a more interesting model.

Based off a 1991 Model M keyboard in a UK Layout and a scroll wheel-less Logitech S69 mouse to match the time period of the keyboard. The mouse and keyboard were carefully textured to match a computer model created by another member of my team.

Based on multiple references of simple 1990s-2000s water coolers, using multiple references to combine my favourite aspects to try and ensure it came off as a very 90s prop including the design of the logo on it.

Poster designs created by me based on popular NHS posters to help make the environment more interesting, then added to a noticeboard model I textured to fill it up and make it more realistic.

A recreation of the Fruit cart I did previously for a live brief in collaboration with Playground Games at the University of Hertfordshire. This model is now truly low poly where my last one wasn't, with much improved texture work now that adds to the realism including correct fonts and graphics for the boxes and signs and paying close attention to the wood grain on the body and wheels of the car to best match my references.

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