May the hard surface's force be with you

May the hard surface's force be with you

Sergio Segura
by sergiosr3d on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A summary of all my work from 2021 that will help me on my journey to the professional world of video games and the film industry.

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Hi everybody! I am Sergio Segura, a Junior 3D Character and Hard surface artist from Marbella, Spain. 

In this post I present a summary  of my 2021 portfolio. My skills are modeling and sculpting characters, creating environments, vehicles and props. I also have skills in look development and xgen hair creation.

I am a lover of video games and films. A very creative person, constantly learning, responsible and good teamwork. I hope you enjoy my entry!

Sergeant Calhoun

This is my first 3D cartoon character that I made using the techniques and processes that are used in the film industry. The character is Sergeant Calhoun from the Disney film 'Ralph Breaks the Internet'.

In this project I covered all the stages (Modeling, Sculpture, Texturing, Shading, Blendshapes, Rig, Lighting and Rendering). And I must thank my mentor, Vladimir Minguillo, for all the support received and all the advice to get the best of me in each phase of the project.

T-80UD tank

This is my first realistic combat vehicle project that I did for a realistic war film at Animum Creativity Advanced school. In this project I did the modeling, sculpting, texturing, lighting and composition of a combat vehicle of the Soviet Union (URRS)

Forest hut

This is my first vegetation environment based on a concept art by Quentin Mabille called 'Forest Hut'. It is an abandoned cabin in a huge and very quiet forest.

The challenge here was to get as close to concept art as possible and create organic 3D assets. I modeled the whole scene,  I did the vegetation, the shading, lighting and also the composition.

Bot box

This robot project was a huge challenge as I had to transform it into a box, like a robot from the transformer  films. 'Botbox' is based on the concept artist by Ben Olson. This robot lives in a spaceship and hides in the shape of a box when it hears someone coming. As for the environment, I decided to make the 'Space Hallway' concept of the artist, Janice Chu.

In this project I did the modeling of the character and the environment and its textures. It was also my first learning of FK rigging and MoCap animation with Mixamo. Also, I added the lights and composition.


In this last project, during my year at Animum Creativity Advanced  School, I had to choose an animated scene and do all the development look.

The character models are done by Juan SolĂ­s. I did the whole modeling pub environment, I textured it, I did all the shading and xgen hair to the characters. And lastly, I also added the lighting and composition.

Finally, to those of you who are viewing my post, I would like to thank you for all the time you spent. I wish you the best and 'May the hard surface's force be with you'. Thanks for your attention!

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