Concept Art | by Ann-Julie

Concept Art | by Ann-Julie

Ann-Julie Staelens
by annjulie on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi! My name is Ann-Julie and welcome to my entry full of fantasy, character design and more!

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Character concepts

Inspired by the magical world of tabletops, let me introduce you to some of the character designs I have been working on!

The warlock

This man might have a pact with a demon, but he swears up and down that he is a gentleman who will definitely not run off with your heart. Quite literally.

I wanted a less grim look for my warlock. I'd like to imagine that if you can charm a demon into making a pact with you in return for magic powers, that silver tongue can be used on people as well.

The Paladin

The creature known as The Paladin is quite feared amongst many. Rumor has it that they will smite whomever disagrees with their religion

For this piece I wanted to take the concept of a religious zealot and make it feel intimidating. A judge, jury and executioner.

The facehaggler

Are you in need of a new identity but you don't posses the magical prowess to do so yourself? Worry not, the facehaggler from the woods could help you! As long as there is coin... 

The multiple arms for this one was incredibly fun to work on. This way she would always have hands free to haggle, even when carrying all her wares on her back.

The Hero

Becoming the champions amongst heroes is no easy feat. This hero is one you'd love to see in your town when things go astray.

This concept is based of the idea that in a magical world, they might have their own kind of Olympics. Different kind of heroes could compete one another to get the title of champion.

The Raven queen

She is seemingly around for centuries, perched in her castle. The village it oversees, pestered with crows and ravens. The Raven queen does not seem interested in human affairs, unless you insult her work that is.

Witches are a staple in fantasy and for this one I had a lot of fun exploring the different types of witches and witchcraft. From your classic hag to more modern takes.
Eventually I settled for a witch from noble decent, who uses her bird friends' eyes as her own.

Prop design

While I enjoy designing characters the most, it's also nice to work on some props! This is something I still need some exploring for.

Battle axes - fantasy

Platform - Camping site

Helmet - Futuristic

The adventure ends here traveler!

Thank you!

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