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My work on Illustration and keyframes.

My work on Illustration and keyframes.

Martin Martinov
by MartinMartinov on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

In this little entry I want to show my skills and my workflow when painting illustrations and keyframes. I am passionate about storytelling and I work hard to understand the subject as well as possible while improving my technique.

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The Landing. With this personal project I wanted to test myself on painting keyframes in the same subject, mainly to enhance my skills. 

My usual process. Using 3D for a stronger foundation and more efficiency.

A little Fantasy experiment.

Illustration from a basic sketch. 

Colorful worldbuilding excersise. I really love to play with colors and work with crispy graphic shapes, so here are some explorations on the subject.

Value sketches, I try to keep everything graphic and readable, so its easier for me to create more detailed final images.

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