The death of Socrates (3d Converted)

The death of Socrates (3d Converted)

Charalampos Lampros
by HarisLampros on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This project is my graduation project for my Bachelor's degree in 3D Animation at SAE Institute Athens. Basically the main idea was to find a way to realistically convert a painting into a 3d scene so it can be used for research or to start a new era of Virtual art museums that would portray 3D lifesized paintings.

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The idea started two months ago. I was thinking about my graduation project and i thought about doing something that no other student in my campus has done before. Basically the idea was to convert a painting into a 3d enviroment so we can study the sizes and the depth of a 2d painting.

Since i study at SAE Institute Athens its easier for me to look at real life references of the Classical era at the Acropolis Museum so it can help me understand some values and proportions. The research that i did for this project helped me to convert the painting and reconstruct the parts that are not visible.

I started thinking about how to measure the distance between each person. The first thing i did is to take the painting and put it into 3ds max so i can use prespective match. I traced the painting using the xyz axis and i created the prespective in 3d. After that i used CAT so i can take a basic bone human that i can place into the scene. With this technique i could move the bones far or close from the camera and see how far the hands or the feet or everything really is. After that i exported the bones in Zbrush and started sculpting using the painting as my main reference. Last but not least with the secondary research that i did on the anatomy and structure often used on sculptures during the Classical era, i converted the painting into 3d.

While converting the painting I noticed that Jacques Louis David used false perspective in some areas. For example the arch doesn't realistically fit into the scene that David is portraying so i had to narrow her like a cone so it can look exactly as the painting.

Most of the hair is made using vdm brushes that I created during this project. i made 5 brushes that helped me finish the sculpting process faster but there where some areas that i had go in by hand like most of the beards and sideburns.

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