Triaminic Cough Syrup Commercial

Triaminic Cough Syrup Commercial

by aisala on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello! My name is Alasia Gordon and this is my final for my Acting & Directing class at Cleveland Institute of Art. I am a sophomore in college going into my junior year and I major in Animation. I hope to one day work on big feature films and have my own studio. Please enjoy :)

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In this class, I dedicated a semester to applying the skills I developed in 3D animation to produce a 15-second commercial. This commercial advertises Triaminic cough syrup, and the goal was to introduce the product, display a problem, convince an audience of why this product would solve that problem, and ultimately sell the product. 

The style of this commercial was based on realism. I storyboarded, animated, and produced the lighting for this project. Prop assets were all collected from public domain websites and the rigs were purchased from JoshRigs. 

This commercial is one of my first animated productions and the largest project I've ever produced in 3D. It was a very intense process but I also learned a lot. The most difficult part of the process was rendering and setting up a decent set to animate on, so as I continue to learn and see work from others in the industry I want rendering to become a big focus of mine because, in my opinion, looks attract. Animating and modeling are my main concentrations, but I really want my scenes to pop more with good lighting, color, and composition for presentation as well.

-Below you will find more media related to my process of producing this commercial

-Some light tests using Arnold renderer

Thank you for taking the time to view my work!

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