Witch Academy Return of the Trolls

Witch Academy Return of the Trolls

Maha Al Dossary
by maha on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A 3D stylized game environment of a witch’s boarding school room. The room will represent a modern witch living in an academy student room. The room will display elements of the witch’s characteristics through trinkets, scrolls, and other personalized items. The room is the main center of the role-playing game.

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Witch Academy Return of the Trolls 

Boarding School Room - Stylized Game Environment

Project Overview

Witches and Humans created a treaty to join forces to face a bigger threat they have yet to face. Follow a witch on her journey in witch academy as she uncovers the secret that may destroy the peace.

- The journey of her lifetime is yet to begin.

For  this is  a game environment about a witch’ s school room and how it should b e designed t o reflect modern times. I decided to modernize the concept of a witch because while I conducted research on various game environments, I noticed that the space and style of a witch’ s  room is mostly designed a round a specific era . While that has its appeal , there is a need to modernize the environment. Hence , my final project will consist o f creating a three - dimensional whimsical design aesthetic environment of a modern witch academy room. The room will be filled with modern technology such as computers and be al so linked to traditional witch products such as a broom and potions . Modernizing the witch community will help increase player immersion as well.

Game Environment Story

In the times of old, witches lived in the darkest parts of town away from people. Today, witches and humans have united by creating a treaty of peace, and with the advance of technology schools and university now teach both. We follow the journey of a modern witch in school harnessing her new skills of magic. Some say the treaty between humans and witches was due to humans’ fear of the witches, but the truth is they have combined their forces to defeat an even bigger threat, one doomed to destroy them both. For a rumor has begun saying, “Beware the road that leads you afar for at the end of your journey something lies awake waiting to attack” (this is their enemy).

Final Thought :D

I am proud of my environment and the video flythrough. I was able to achieve more than I initially expected and have a higher quality piece. This project also helped me achieve my 3D style and the direction I would love to explore more. Witch Academy Return of the Trolls student room is just the beginning, I hope to start learning more about interactivity and adding it into my scene. This includes character creation, hairstyles, clothing changes, creating potions, mastering spells and much more.

Hope you enjoyed viewing my project as much as I had in creating it :D

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