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Culture Inspired Character Art Portfolio

Culture Inspired Character Art Portfolio

Dakota James Atwood
by buhhkoats on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Cang Long, Keelia, and Chuluun. My 3 Mongolian/Chinese inspired game models.

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Please enjoy my entry of my 3 character/creature models, Cang long, Keelia, and Chuluun. I have been working on recently as part of a themed personal project.

Cang Long: Qing Long (Chinese Dragon) is one of two parts of my Mongolian and Chinese influenced projects. 

Unfortunately due to time constraints with the Rookies deadline I was unable to fully finish Cang Long, as he still needs some hair cards for his back, head, mustache, and beard. But overall I'm happy with the results in such a short time. He is however game ready at around 40k polys. 

Next I'd like to Introduce, Keelia: the Demon Elf. My first ever attempt at a Realtime PBR Character. 

Keelia was Modeled from scratch in Zbrush using zspheres. The clothing was done in Marvelous and touched up in Zbrush. Lowpoly in Maya, texturing in Substance painter on 4 UDIM tiles. And finally rendered in Unreal Engine 4

Finally we have Chuluun: Eagle Hunter. Who is part 2 of a project accompanying Cang Long

Unfortunately I am still in the Process of retoplogizing Chuluun but cant wait to finish him in the future. He will be accompanied by his horse, as well as his companion through life Batu: the legendary eagle. My plan is for Chuluun to be a more traditional style Mongolian eagle hunter. Much of his influence is on more realistic historical champions who were not cut like modern day body builders rather, strong, hearty, and a but chubby.

As you you can see most of my work as Asian, ancient, or fantasy focus. I like to model things after the real world, and cultures of many old civilizations.  I started self studying 3D modeling about a year ago and have recently started secondary education in hopes to one day become a Real Time Game 3D character artist! Thanks for taking a look at my work, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did creating it!

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