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Ford F6 1951

Ford F6 1951

by AmishJain on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

The project I did based on talented Alejandro Burdisio's 2D concepts. I enjoyed the process of creating his concepts into 3D and achieving the mood.

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Hello Everyone,

I did this project based on the amazing concepts of @Alejandro Burdisio which i  really enjoyed and learned from. Everything was built from scratch to push myself in various aspects of the process and explore softwares in depth. I took the liberty to integrate Ford F6 1951 into the concept when I came across this classic truck on the internet. Modeling the truck getting it right, and achieving mood with lighting was quite a challenge to pull off.


I used Substance Painter for texturing for major parts mixed with procedural texturing in Maya. Lighting, Modeling, and Lookdev done in Autodesk Maya and rendered with Arnold. Final compositing was done in After Effects.

FORD F6 1951 Classic

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