Oni's Dungeon

Oni's Dungeon

by JonathanVerstraeten on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Oni’s dungeon is my level scripting project for Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE).

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Oni’s dungeon

is a hack-and-slash dungeon crawler set in a dark fantasy setting.

You find yourself inside a long forgotten dungeon. With it’s undead and demonic occupants being stirred by your arrival.

Fight your way trough horde’s of undead minions and demonic monstrosity’s. As you explorer these old caverns and look for a way back to the surface.

The level layout is build up trough a combination of rooms, hallways corridors and dead ends. The player has to navigate trough these to reach the final room.

Hostile entities

Throughout the dungeon three types of enemy’s can be found:

Skeletons, low health and damage

Stalkers, fast and high damage

Elite’s, high health and decent damage


The player character and skeleton enemys are self made using 3ds max. the stalkers, elites and the boss are models used from mixamo.

The level layout was achieved trough a combination of a self made maya script that would generate a starting point for the dungeons layout and self editing.

To fill up the level I used selfmade assets and assets found in Unreals dungeon pack.


The player has three main ability’s a projectile based attack that is launched when the Q button is pressed, a AOE attack on the W and a teleport on the E.

Over the course of the game the player will encounter different types of items.

Minor health potions that will grant the player some instant health regen. Major health potions that can be used to regain a large portion of health. Mana potions that will refill your mana bar.

Health will be passively regenerated but mana can only acared when you hit an enemy with your Q.

The restless Envoy

At the end of the level a boss encounter takes place.

The boss has way higher health compared to the enemy’s the player has encountered so far.

But her most dangerous trait are her own ability’s.

Soul slivers

Every time the boss hits the player a soul sliver is spawned. When five soul slivers have spawned this way the boss will take place at the centre of the room calling on these slivers.

When all the slivers have reached her a massive blast will expand from the boss dealing massive damage depending on how many reached her.

The player can prevent these slivers from Reacher her by walking over them.


Every time the player gets hit by the boss she’ll gain summoning points once these have reached there threshold minions will be summoned.


Whenever the player gets to far away from the boss the boss will sidestep to them making her appear beside them ready to strike.

She might do this at random times as well to evade player attacks or to close the distance

Thank you for reading.

I’m planning to continue working on this project during summer break and flesh out this game a bit more.

As always, feedback is very much appreciated!

And have a nice day.

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