Self-taught Rigged 3D Character

Self-taught Rigged 3D Character

by FrancesSweeney on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

2021 Graduate for Games Art and Design from Norwich University of the Arts Entry comprised of work from my final unit, including a from scratch modelled and rigged character for VRChat. Critique welcome!

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Cyrian- Character Model and Rig

As outlined in the above video, all of these works span the previous 5-6 months, with the character taking the majority of the time due to learning the rigging/skinning process from scratch. The character model is a personal character out of a wide collection that I've concepted myself- the grand majority of my characters have stories that I one day wish to bring to life, either through models for other games like VRChat or their very own game. 

Barnacle Shield- High to Lowpoly Baked Prop

A quick baked prop completed over 2 days using Substance Painter Smart Materials. The prop is based on a personal character who is a guard to the water temple in my Dungeons and Dragons campaign. 

WIP Sculpt and Modular Scene

The modular scene I'm working on collaboratively with some friends that I'm also teaching 3D to- we're aiming to create a small beach house scene to put into VRChat. I also aim to create a café scene for VRChat, complete with animated NPCs, some dialogue and prop spawning mechanics. Both of these worlds will be available to the public once they're completed.

The sculpt was the start of a prompt from the DiNusty Empire discord. I hope to finish it and make a small set of oriental themed props to pop onto asset stores.

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