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2021 Learning

2021 Learning

by julianliang on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello, I am Julian Liang and I am a high school student in the US who found Blender through a friend and am now learning more about creating things in digital software. I am always trying to learn more and get better at doing the things that I enjoy. This is how I've learned and improved my skills in the year 2021.

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                                      LIANG Space Rover

I did this project while following Edon Guraziu's space rover course in order to see if I could follow his workflow and learn MOI3D in the process. The course was my first investment into learning more about creating concept designs and the process of making it in CG software. This led to a large jump in my ability to model designs and understand workflow.

                         EP-07 Compact Energy Solution

The EP-07 is a compact energy pack device to be used in military and medical applications where a high-output device is required to be mobile and transportable. It comes in a EMP resistant case that can hold up to 24 energy packs and is capable of retaining integrity in all types of conditions.

This was my first project following the design course and I tried to follow a general brief while still creating unique concepts. I believe it represents a large growth in my ability to come up with designs as well as execute them in digital software.

                                       LIANG Prosthetics

Fully myoelectric-powered prosthetic arm designed to mimic an organic arm for transradial amputees. It uses gel pads with electronic receptors to provide a realistic touching experience while also providing strong grip. External sensors allow the user to have seamless tactile sensations.

My most recent project originally began as a test for seeing how I could combine CAD modeling processes with SUBD shapes, but I decided to continue it on and created a full design. It took some time to research and learn about different kinds of prosthetics and the components used in them. I took the time to find out what materials are used and the range of motion that a prosthetic ahs to have. I also spent some time trying to figure out different forms of presentation and how to make every image look good.

Thank you for reading and looking through my most recent works! Hope you enjoyed seeing what I've learned in 2021!

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