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Found Guys

Found Guys

by SquidMaker on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Found Guys is a game where you find items in a room! Inspired by the old TV game show called Finders Keepers. Either in single player or multiplayer, can you find the the different items in the amount of time? Let's find out!

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Found Guys
Search and find items before the time runs out! 

Search, find and throw in Found Guys! Can you find the items before the time runs out? Found Guys is a unique game experience where up to fours players can play against each other. Players will need to find the right items before the other players in a variety of colourful rooms. Each time a round is played the items are different. The players would need to find a sofa, a microwave, a chair and many other items. There are many items to be found in this wacky physics based game. 

Found Guys started as a Global Game Jam project back in January of this year. I was originally planning to challenge myself to remake a similar game called Fall Guys (get the twist of the name). Fall Guys was inspired more by Takeshi's Castle. However, looking at other TV game shows I decided to create Found Guys.

I researched TV game shows which I used to watch a ton as a kid. From Jungle Run, Total Wipe Out and Finders Keepers. Finders Keepers was a unique game show which for video games I have not seen anyone else make a game similar. Finders Keepers if no one knows was a kids TV show where teams had to search and find objects with clues in different rooms before the time runs out. So I looked heavily on how I could make Finders Keepers a game experience.

Other inspiration was from real life. I always lose items in the house and I must spend 30 minutes looking for them. I wanted to recreate that feeling but with a lot more chaos such as picking up and throwing items in the room. When designing Found Guys I used my bedroom as a prototype before making the game digitally. 

Found Guys even has a versus multiplayer mode which can be played up to four players. Play against each other to find the right items before the other players do. Play in different kinds of rooms where the items lists are different.  

The version of Found Guys right now is completed. This game was also used for my final major project for University. We hope you enjoy playing Found Guys! 


Luca Cavozzi - Project Lead / Game Design / Programmer

Kelly Phare - Sound Effects and Audio

Diana Place - UI Graphics

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