The Journey of JT

The Journey of JT

by jtlee on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Welcome to my portfolio. It showcases my achievements over the course of my studies. I hope you enjoy it.

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Heaven Lake 

Nyima and Kelsang are best friends living in the realm of afterlife. Nyima works at the Paradise Lake as a fisherman, a job as boring as his life. That is, until he meets his best friend, Kelsang, a docile Capricorn who brings a lot of joy to Nyima. Together, they guide souls who have newly arrived at the afterlife, helping them accommodate to their new world.

This is an IP I did when I took the basic concept design course. It is from this course where I came to master how integrate shape languages into my own concepts to create better designs. The IP itself is based on the Tibetan culture, and it proved to be quite a challenge due to the lack of a suitable creature to fit into my design. In the end, I decided to mix three animals into one creature, drawing inspiration from goats, elephants and fishes, creating an all new character that I’m satisfied with.

Kada Driver

Set in a steampunk Kadazan tribe, where head hunting is still practiced by the tribe members. The protagonist hates such traditions and deems it meaningless, as her family members are the one being hunted. Thus, she is determined to put a stop to this nonsense tradition and the extreme conservatives that support it, once and for all.

This is a personal IP created by me, taking inspiration from both steampunk aesthetics and the Kadazan culture. The Kadazan people are a group of ethnic minorities living in Eastern Malaysia, who historically used to practice head hunting. Mixing them was a truly challenging task due to the vastly different aesthetic design of both elements, but thankfully I was able to overcome these obstacles and come up with designs I am satisfied with.

Digital Illustrations

These are some of the digital illustrations I made for several projects. I find painting to be the best part when creating such artworks, especially when I am able to study and practice different styles and techniques employed by different artists.

Matte Painting 

I picked up 3D modelling and photobash while learning matte painting, and I have sufficient proficiency in all of these fields. Technical issues used to be a real pain, but in the end I succeeded in mastering them.

Other Project

These are designs I made for several other IPs over the course of my studies. Many of them are my favourite too.

Personal Work  

Here is some of my personal artwork that I did. Which I tried different art style because I love to challenges them.

My portfolio ends here. It is meaningful to me, as it showcases my journey throughout my career as an artist. Thank you for checking out my entry and I hope you enjoyed.

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