My first year in the world of visualization in VoxelSchool

My first year in the world of visualization in VoxelSchool

Laura Fiol
by laufiol on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Selection of academic work explaining my process in archviz.

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- Process -

First, I will explain the process that led me to the final architectural visualization images. This process involves the study of the references, lighting, shading and composition through the project of a still life and the creation of a landscape environment.

All these projects have been done with Autodesk Maya, Redshift Renderer, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Photoshop…

Some assets are online free 3d models.



I looked for references of a mystical nature that could express my personallity and what could be an everyday scene in my life. With a natural, rustic and familiar look, they gave me, at the same time, the option to play with that mystical and chiaroscuro atmosphere surrounding the tea ceremony.


When I faced the still life I wanted to focus on the study of the light to see how the different types of materials worked with a backlight. I settled on a final illumination that highlights the dark light emphasizing the shaded parts and the backlight. Basic chiaroscuro.


Faced with the choice of shadings I came to the conclusion that this scene, as in my references, had to be natural and rustic. Therefore, the objects don't need to be perfect either in materials or surfaces.

So this scene taught me how to deal with lighting and shading in detail, in order to create - Tea Time -

- ArchViz -

For the  archviz projects I tried to apply everything I have learned with other previous smaller projects.



I didn’t want to be left with a simple representation of a kitchen but I rather to go further with the study of how different materials and colours would look in the same kitchen distribution.


Having studied the light in the still life, I felt comfortable playing around with larger items, such as this kitchen. I realized how shadows and materials can change the vibe of a room and make the room more livable, more comfortable and relaxing, or as a work area.


It made me want to dive into the details that my kitchen could give, i.e. details of the elements in the scene as well as individual products that we would find in a kitchen or in a product catalogue.


With the kitchen I was able to generalize everything I have previously learned. With this new project I wanted to take it to the next level, playing around with all three parts: composition, materials and light. That’s why in this task I focused on studying item by item as well as the overall scene.



Using Substance Designer and Painter I wanted to give it another go, having a little more fun with the materials of every asset.


For the lighting I thought of introducing a courtyard and some Arabic style lattice to see the play of light at different times of day.


The composition of one of the final images gave me the opportunity to study symmetry, the rule of thirds and how the elements, assets, light and materials all came together to create a certain harmony in the overall scene.


With the outdoor scene I was able to work with the design and composition of the exterior vegetation, using the scattering and distribution tool for the placement of the elements.


Developing the lighting for the different times of day.


With the composition of the exterior image I also wanted to develop the placement, incorporation and integration of people.

Thank you very much for watching!

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