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Nimslo 3D Camera Asset

Nimslo 3D Camera Asset

by BorisTauber on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This was the second prop I made for my Game Asset Pipeline course. It's a retro Nimslo 3D camera. The high poly, low poly and unwrap were made in 3ds Max. Baking and texturing were done using Substance Painter. All of the final presentation shots have been rendered in Unreal Engine 4.

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Final Renders

These main renders were made in Unreal Engine 4. By making use of the directional and rectangular lights I tried to highlight the material details I made. Some renders also use the depth of field post processing filter, this adds the extra layer of detail and focus. After rendering I used Photoshop to finalize each image.


For the bake and materials I used Substance Painter. Ranging from big scratches in the leather to smaller roughness variation spots, I tried to get as many details in there as possible. 

These are some of the texture maps I used. respectively: base color, metalness, normal and roughness:

For the camera body:

For the lens and other transparent materials:


In the workflow I used, the low poly model is created by using the base of the high poly mesh. I made both the high and low poly as well as the unwrap in 3ds Max. 

Here you can view the topology and unwrap of the camera body:


To show the model off and make it more accessible to public, I uploaded it to Sketchfab.  By using their nice lighting system and post-processing filters, I tried to show off the materials and shapes as effectively as possible. All of the textures can also be viewed here.

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