Compositing Breakdown Reel  - Aida Vares

Compositing Breakdown Reel - Aida Vares

by AidaVares on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Compositing reel made during my 6-month Compositing Course at Animum Creativity Advanced School.

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Compositing breakdown reel made during my Compositing Course at Animun Creativity Advanced School.

00:03 - Inspired on "Keloid" by "Big Lazy Robots". 

00:12 - Original concept by "Vladimir Manyukhin". 

00:22 - Inspired on the movie "Fright Night". 

00:29 - Author "Animum". 

00:39 - Original concept by "Benjamin Carré". 

00:51 - Author "Animum". 

00:59 - Original concept by "Steffan Morrel". 

01:06 - Author unknown. 

01:18 - Inspired on "El papel de la Navidad" add by"El Corte Inglés". 

Music: "Motivational Rock Traile" by Sound For You (Jamendo).

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