JAKKU - Sara Pezzoni

JAKKU - Sara Pezzoni

Sara Pezzoni
by ZanthiaKyra on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello! My name is Sara, but people call me Sasa. I am training to become a versatile 3D generalist and I am currently at my second year at The Animation Workshop. Here is my friendly Jakku, from my quadruped project. Enjoy!

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Jakku is a friendly, playful and intelligent creature. He eats basically anything and cannot stay still for a long time.
He needs constant stimulation and has a talkative nature.

With this project I wanted to create an agile and elegant creature that could easily exist in our world. I wanted it to be believable and realistic.
My main animal references were: jerboa (jaculus jaculus), kangaroo and ostrich.


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