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Character Design | Angels & Demons

Character Design | Angels & Demons

by aaliyahgarcia on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A series of characters I designed in the first semester of 2021 for uni

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Character Concepts and Designs

The brief was to design characters under the theme of Angels and Demons

With that in mind I aimed to design these characters with either south-east or east asian influences, which I tried to determine with the first character

Demon 1 - Concepts & Final Render

Their main source of inspiration was either Onryo or a Manananggal, or both if I could make it work. Once I realised giving her wings didn't work with her silhouette I decided to focus on eastern influence (mostly Japanese) and settled on how far I could push and interpret an Onryo in this context

roughs and silhouettes: decided to push her hair and ears to be reminiscent of wings and horns, due to it's common association with demons

references for Demon 1

further exploration of her face with different expressions, also experimented with the idea of lack of scarring on her face

process: sketch to final render

final render: Demon 1

Demon 2 - Concepts & Final Render

Once settled on the influence, I thought it would only be suitalbe if both demons were inspired by yokai. In this case the second demon is mainly inspired by Oni. I also took inspiration from kumadori (kabuki makeup), samurai, and the movements of taiko drummers for costuming/poses

roughs and silhouettes: incorporated kumadori to give the impression of war paint but also to weave in the aspect that blue in kabuki theatre is associated with villains/demons

references for Demon 2

process: sketch to final render

final render: Demon 2

Angel 1 & 2 - Concepts

While designing both angels, I experimented with sleeve length and head accessories to suggest wings and halos. Both have an overall red and yellow colour scheme, as red in Japan is believed to ward evil spirits and yellow a colour of courage. This decision was also made to contrast the demons

roughs and silhouettes: main sources of inspiration were Tennyo, bunraku puppets, and geisha. I intended for her to be made of porcelain to give an otherworldly impression. Decided to incorporate daruma dolls as a way for her to seal the demons she defeats. Traditionally, black daruma dolls are wishing dolls that protect against ill luck/evil

references for Angel 1

roughs and silhouettes: took inspiration from kokeshi dolls and monks. They are made of wood, to show a lower rank, as porcelain is more precious

references for Angel 2

Angel 1 - Turnaround & Final Render

turnaround: angel 1 with callouts of daruma dolls and fan

process: sketch to final render

final render: Angel 1

- thanks for taking the time to view my work :D

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