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by sanjanasv on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Transformation of Mumbai port area into a water transit hub as per the evolving Urban fabric that would provide an alternative means of transportation. Developing water based public transport system in Mumbai, to save up time of the user and reduce the load on other transit infrastructure options in the city.

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Redefining the Water Transit of the city by stitching the land to the water


The project aims to observe the decline in water-based travel in Mumbai and design a solution to the problem. In order to revitalize such an important industry for Mumbai, designing a water transit hub would reduce the load on other modes of transportation and revitalize the water-based industry in the city. 

In order to bring back the missing identity of a port city, this project seeks to bring about a change through architecture by resolving the current problems of congestion, road traffic and  load on the public transport and proposing a ferry terminal that will cope up to the increasing population demands of the city and give the region an identity. It will be an epitome and a means for the city’s potential water transport.

This study was conducted to understand the problems the city of Mumbai faces and to come with possible solutions to create design solutions which can cater to challenges like increasing population of Mumbai, congestion of Mumbai and conserve and preserve the lost identity of a port city. It was essential to highlight the significance of water for Mumbai and give an identity to the edge conditions of Mumbai. The aim was to create a master plan which segregates the traffic, acts as an urban wharf as well as it becomes a beautiful transit experience. The aim was to also preserve the biodiversity around the site by creating sensitive design solutions that cater to both development as well as conservation.

The master plan also aimed at uplifting the social interactions at the waterfront. Along with which the masterplan aimed to generate and uplift the economy by tourism and creating more jobs for the people. If the city starts developing using these methodologies proposed in the project Mumbai will soon be again known as a ‘port-city’.

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