Neighbors in Need

Neighbors in Need

by NicoZafarana on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Neighbors in Need is a program that allows community members to make direct donations to youth at-risk of homelessness in their area. It is a service of lockers, partnered with companies to be placed in community hubs (particularly grocery and supermarkets) to entice shoppers to provide basic goods to youth at-risk.

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Neighbors in Need

Enticing neighbors in the community to provide small grocery item donations to at-risk youth, through our locker service. Find these lockers within a grocery store or superstore. It takes less than $5 and 5 minutes to donate for those in need!

Neighbors in Need is a fully integrated service to provide basic goods to those who need them most. Small donations build up into a large effort to keep your community members safe and afloat. By the community, for the community, how can you help a neighbor in need?

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