Kaisin Qiu: 2021 Motion Graphics

Kaisin Qiu: 2021 Motion Graphics

by kaisinqiu on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Projects with different styles, concepts, and methods. Exploring what I can create with the tools I have and how to communicate them to my audience.

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When the feeling of sadness and loneliness hits. you feel them sink into your bones. You try to act fine and tell everyone around you that you are okay. You call out for help but no one notices. It seems like only high saturated colors and glitching textures can communicate how you feel. Lonely, by Noah Cyrus. 

Short 3D animation explorations that focus on color, reflection, and growth. 

An abstract title sequence that brings the audience into a world filled with moving patterns and a dream-like aesthetic. 

Styleframes for different projects. 

Thank you :)

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