Concept Art and a little more!

Concept Art and a little more!

Renea Brown
by reneabrown on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello and thank you for looking at my entry! I'm currently a student at CG spectrum looking to become a Concept Artist while also exploring some UI, Prop, and 2D works! I have a major interest in characters and monsters!

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Concept Art: Characters, Weapons, More

Adeena - Ancient Being

This character is meant to be a villain in a game that takes place in the past. Despite her tough exterior she does prefer the use of magic to make her ideals reality. Her main goal is simply to live forever, but that comes at a pretty large price. (Someone else's price, not hers of course.)

These are her initial designs, they were soon changed because she was becoming monster/creature than something you could converse with.

I was having some trouble drawing one day and decided to print some of the above and work on her attire traditionally while I was out and about that day.

With her attire picked out, I rescanned the images to work digitally again.

I wanted this character to develop in power with the hero as the story took place. Adeena would have little of her magic ability and intellect at the start, but as things progress, she would regain herself. In power and personality. 

Adeena is still a work in progress. I'm currently exploring how she looked prior to when the story would take place. This will help me refine her more if I know where she comes from.

A render of her in her second attire. This will be how we would see her a majority of the time.

Concept Weapon - Primordial Jade Shooter

This was an assignment piece. The goal was to create a weapon that could exist in an already existing game. The game I went for was Genshin Impact. The game has many weapon sets, some incomplete. Currently there is only a Spear and Sword in the Primordial Jade Set. 

My Next Project - Odela

My next project will be revisiting an older idea I had. The idea is to create a character for a MOBA type game with B, A, and S tier skins. Along with abilities and icons to go with them. This MOBA would be something between Overwatch and SMITE.

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