Blood Soul

Blood Soul

by PencilMane on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi i'm Augustin and here is my entrie for the challenge.

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This project called Blood Soul, is the story of a criminal who have to pay his debt in blood. Locked up in his helmet and chained to a huge tank. He now has to fight the king's enemies and collect their blood with his massive sword.

Here is the design process for the hero, the hard part was to design every element separately, but still having them working well together. I had a lot of fun trying to design a sort of prison armor and thinking how the sword could suck the blood out of his enemies.

For the enemies, i was thinking of a big man eater monster called ''the Father'' leading an army of minions called ''the Kidz''.

For the ''kidz'' i was thinking of some kind of evolution to give them different gameplay and increase the difficulty for the player.

And finally i made this beast, because every family needs some pets :)

Here is another project that i made earlier this year. It's a more futuristic universe full of war machines and bad guys.

Thanks for watching!

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