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Concept art and fantasy

Concept art and fantasy

by LidiaPerez on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I am Lidia, a concept artist from Spain. Here I present my little fantasy world.

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Hi, I'm Lidia. I would like to show you a small project that I was working on during my studies. I have developed the characters and the environment of what would be a small brotherhood of demon hunters in a medieval fantasy world.
I hope you like it and enjoy it.


This would be a sample of a possible interface for the video game version.


This world is bleak and dark, riddled with demons and disturbing creatures. With sad and desolate cities but at the same time it has beautiful and wild landscapes. Here I have developed what the environment and the structures of the buildings in which the characters would live would be.


Survival skills are essential in this world. The inhabitants have to be able to confront the fearsome creatures with which they share their habitat. 

Here I show you the members of a small brotherhood of demon hunters.

Thank you so much!

With this last image of hunters slaughtering demons I say goodbye. I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to see my work. I am grateful to have the opportunity to show the work that I have worked so hard on.

I hope you liked it, thanks for watching this until the end.

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