Show Reel 2021

Show Reel 2021

by Acael on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Compositing Showreel. 4th year at Artfx. Mainly focused on CG integration with hard surface modeling.

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Showreel 2021 

My focus this year was mainly on CG integration, the first project was centered around motion capture and integrating cg in a live shot. the second, I used photogrammetry and projection to recreate the effect of the face opening. The third was all about integrating live action to CG, I used a cosplayer form the Wakfu universe and practical effect for the energy  Fx by filming liquid paint. For the fourth I mixed photogrammetry and and live action together to get a Photorealistic look.

1st & 2nd Sequence

Model - Melie Morice

3rd Sequence

Nox Cosplay - Ronan Guillo

Fx Teleportation - Simon Lambin

Liquid Matte - Lilian Lefait

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