The Blacksmith and Tailor

The Blacksmith and Tailor

Tiril Schjerven
by Jerven on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This series of projects circled around the professions of Smithing and Tailoring. I used this project to broaden my work pipelines, and technical skills in Concept Art. I focused on shape language, innovative design and rendering. This was a very fun and challenging project, that I learned a lot from.

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The Blacksmith

After a trip to a Blacksmith workshop in Norway, I got the inspiration to create a character based on the items I saw. I wanted to focus on material rendering, and strong shape design. The main shape I used was the shape of Anvils, which is consistent through the whole project.

The Forge

The second part of my Blacksmith Project was to design a Forge. The focus of this task was to practice 3D blockouts in my work pipelines, and practice rendering materials.

The Blacksmith's Hut

For a third part of my Blacksmith project, I designed a house in the same shape language as the rest of the characters. Pulling elements from the previous designs, and utilizing a 3D blockout for efficiency. I also included a turn around of the hut.

The Tailor Witch

In the same universe, I created a which. This is a continuation of the series of profession specific concepts. The Tailor Witch is a conductor of needles, who uses runes to her power. She's a supportive attacker, who makes sure of the safety of her soldiers. But will not hesitate to attack.

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