The Art of Tom Jones (2021)

The Art of Tom Jones (2021)

by TomJones on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Welcome to my concept art portfolio. I'm a self-taught artist (I guess we all are really, right!?). My tuition has been gleaned from prominent professionals, advice, gumroads, youtube. To support my passion to work in the entertainment industry as a concept artist, I currently create graphic design. Thanks :D

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Grand Space Opera: Voidbok

The Flight of the Voidbok (native to the plains of Andromeda), is a sight to behold. Sciences unexplained phenomenon, adding to the Voidboks majesty. A survival mechanism to evade danger sees them slip through self generated dimensional voids. The rich and wealthy spend countless millions to traverse the longevity of space, just in the hope to witness one of natures greatest feats whilst on safari. 

Concept Development Overview

Phoenix Galaxy Hopper

The whistling sound of a thousand whispers lost evading a whirlpool of quantum locked plasma scythes through the air with the ignition of the Phoenix Galaxy Hopper warp drive drum. The pilot's choice of machine balanced to fun personified sees the crafts distinctive take-off and landing as worthy attributes to covet and showboat. The crafts history has seen them as galactic racers, through to bootleg runners. The underworld long seeing the crafts wide adaptability for upgrades as a beneficiary to successful business import/export.

Please note, no 3D kitbashing was used, all components designed/ created by myself. 

Modelling: Zbrush, Blender. Texturing: Blender

Grand Space Opera

Andromédē, protector and ruler from the Andromeda constellation. Some of the vast variety of lifeforms under her protection from various and numerous worlds within the cosmos.

The Gun Runner Pilot

Our plucky protagonist, the fastest, most daring pilot in the cosmos. Once, a much beloved Galactic Warp One racing pilot. Running's that forced her to connect with underground quadrant gangsters saw her racing drug test fail. Banished from society for the heinous crime, especially as her public profile was so squeaky clean. She now earns a living using her exceptional racing skillset as a bootleg runner, and ships whatever else if the price is right. 

Enslaved Cultist Priest

Where there is light, there will be darkness. The cult of enslaved priests are forced into submissive servitude against their will to read the scriptures of hell. The pages will only turn for those who read not willingly. To circumvent this masters create manipulative, sadistic and malevolent phycological and physical pressure to force the victimised priests into reading...isn't that a messed up loop.

Quarry Miner

With a rich biological ancestry and natural selection akin to burrowing creatures combined with megafauna mammals. These behemoths are well suited to the quarry mines found within Andromeda, making short work of any tonnage of rock/ minerals.

Street Chef

Serving up the tastiest street food, Ratbug, the staple of the impoverished within Andromeda. Like oysters to poor Victorians, who knew you'd pay a hefty amount in fancy restaurants now..although I'm not too convinced this is the fate that awaits the Ratbug. What is this versatile tasty critter I hear, well, keep scrolling through we'll get there I promise! 

The Daam

Surviving habitants of a once functioning colossal hydro-electricity dam, Daam. Since The Great Planetary Disaster,  the once technologically advanced civilisation fell. A populace that stood on the shoulders of AI created technologies have long forgotten established science and engineering, they are now rummaging through the dusty remnants of greatness.

All 3D elements designed and modelled by myself, other then the cliffs (Quixel).

Modelling: Blender. Texturing: Blender

Ratbug! See told you I'd describe what it was. Tasty, right ;)

I'm humbled and grateful for your time and attention in viewing my presentation of concept work. I hope it was fun looking through as it was for me creating it.

Thank you. 

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