Blooming hope

Blooming hope

Noé Dantinne
by Majedar on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hey, i'm a 17 years old artist. I love creating stories and telling them with images. I began digital art in 2020 and for me, it's one of the best way to tell stories. So I think I'm going to persist in that direction. Anyway, here is my latest project. I hope you will enjoy it !

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Hey, here is the project I made for the contest.

Blooming hope

It took me more or less 1 month. But I did most of the work during the last two weeks. 

Everything in this image was made by myself with Blender. The concept was also my idea.

Without the cartoon shader

It was the first time I made cloths (and flowers) in 3D and finding the right way to create them was the most challenging part of the project. 

For the gas mask, I used the cloth brush  because the cloth simulation was too heavy for my computer.

Steps of the mask's creation

The reference I used is german mask from the ww1. It really fit well the kind of atmosphere I wanted to create.

I actually used real life reference for every object in the scene. My idea was to combine "realistic" modelling and cartoon shading.

For the poppy (and the wooden pillar), I used a "wrinkles map". It consist of wheight painting a vertex group linked to a displace modifier which has a noise texture. It's easy to setup and grant a great control over the wrinkles while offering a good rendering.

The other complicated item I modelled is the barbed wire. For this one, I used a simple cylinder with a lot of modifier so that it could follow the paths I had set up.

The differents shader and compositions iterations

I wanted a "comic" style, so I quickly created a very simple toon shader. I could have improved it more but I didn't have the time and It's already good. I use the "freestyle" options in blender to create the outline.

I added the background detail only when I was sure that the composition was good. You can also see that there is a big change in the camera angle at one point. I changed it in order to follow the rule of thirds which (in my opinion) gave a better result.

And in bonus, an other little project I've done some months ago.

The lost tower

And yes, I love the "Black-and-white-with-a-touch-of-red" esthetics.

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