Project: Star Bounty

Project: Star Bounty

Clarence Earl Panuncio Munji
by clarencezer on 13 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Project: Star Bounty started as an idea set in a Science Fiction world and slowly acculminated into ideas mostly inspired from many games to show and create the potential of a new world as well as paying hommage to existing ones out there. This is the long edit overview for Project: Star Bounty.

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Environment Artist - Clarence Munji

Effects Artist - Kidman Lee

Character Artist - Manouk Manoukian

Creature Artist - Patricia Lopes

Generalist Artist - Nabin Phauja

Progress and Journey of the Project: Polycount Thread/3DHit Thread

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 Collaborators: kidman97 pandalog Manouk Manoukian and clarencezer