Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth

Shawn Chong Yeou Jing
by shawncyj on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here's my likeness sculpting of Chris Hemsworth, sculpted and textured in Zbrush, rendered in Arnold Maya. This was my first time using XGen hair and ACES workflow.

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Chris Hemsworth

Christopher Hemsworth is an Australian actor. He first rose to prominence in Australia playing Kim Hyde in the Australian television series Home and Away before beginning a film career in Hollywood. He is best known for playing Thor in eight Marvel Cinematic Universe films.


XGen Hair

XGen guides were created on XGen core and converted to curves, in order to import them to XGen Interactive Groom. Creating the guides on XGen core made easier because the root of the guides can be moved as well as copy and pasting the guides. While Interactive XGen is unable to do that. 


A skin pore is sculpted and multiplied to create a skin pores brush. 

Face Details & Shader

With the help of Geometry HD and Morph Target in ZBrush, I was able to create high-quality details on his face and erase those details when necessary with the Morph brush.  Albedo and specular maps were created in ZBrush as well with polypaint brush. 


Clothes were created in Marvelous Designer with a pre-made body base mesh from another character. I initially created a buttoned shirt to achieve a formal look. Instead, I decided to make it more casual by assigning the cloth material to a polo shirt in the final render.

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