I JUST WANNA BE ALONE (but it´s only...)

I JUST WANNA BE ALONE (but it´s only...)

José María Ocaña Diez de la Torre
by PepeOcana on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

There is a new bathhouse in town. We need to take a break and we do not hesitate to go take a look. On the way we find out that everything looks strangely familiar and pleasant ... we must surely be heading to a good place.

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Welcome to the grand opening of Kusakabe Onsen!

We have heard that there is a new bathhouse in town that is said to be the best spa in the region. It is also said that this onsen is not only a great bathhouse, it is also the safe place where to go when things start falling apart. A place of endless possibilities where things are always as they are supossed to be. A place in our memory where we were—and always be, kings and queens.

The path that we follow is illuminated by cozy lights; We must be going to a good place.

We have the warmest welcome. We deserve no less. A kind golem gives us at the entrance a beautiful chrysanthemum, symbol of the imperial emblem of Japan.

We finally got to Yushinden, the private bath of the Japanese imperial family at the Kusakabe Onsen and, coincidentally, also at the Dōgo Onsen, one of Japan's oldest and most famous hot springs, which inspired Hayao Miyazaki for Spirited Away. This bath brings memories of a time when we felt like kings and queens, before forgetting that we are.

We are gorgeous and we know it eventhought, from time to time, we need to look our own reflection to check it.

We feel that we are alone. We like to feel alone. When we are alone we do not need to please anybody. There are no anxieties and we can get loose. We are, more tan ever before, ourselves. It feels great to be accompanied in feeling alone.

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Behind the scenes

These images are part of my final tesis in Architectural Visualization MSc. You may find these unconventional as they have been developed under the only premise of bringing together the things that I like the most in a cohesive way; not getting good grades, not entering any contest. I believe that, only by working on the things that you enjoy the most, you will allow others to enjoy your work. This is how this cocktail of korean bands and cyberpunk and Studio Ghibli films was born. 

Thanks for watching!

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