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I Bowo John Jehnsen -  Concept Art

I Bowo John Jehnsen - Concept Art

John Jehnsen
by JohnConceptArt on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

These are my personal projects. I focus mainly on character and costume concept design. I have a strong interest in contemporary costumes. I also explored different kinds of genres however, I do have a deep passion for action games and movies.

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Set on the tropical island of Borneo (Kalimantan), a young female war correspondent named Mira tries to save her imprisoned friends and escape the hostile island after being captured recording an act of execution.

This is the blue-sky for creating Mira. I explored some thumbnails and head concepts. At first, I was going full blast on making her like a true warrior but then I realized that she's too overpowered and decided to nerve her down to make her gritty and vulnerable. 

I created two versions of Mira. One is before she traveled to Borneo and the other is after. Mira went through a drastic change after experiencing life-threatening moments. I also explored her equipments such as the tank-top because the clothing needs to look unique but grounded and functional in design.

This is the final render for Mira. Her color is mostly neutral so that she blends with her surroundings. Her weapons include the golok (machete), cord (rope) to choke her enemies, blowgun, and poison darts in the quiver. She also has a walkie-talkie to communicate with her allies.

The Dayak tribe had a long history with Joko 'The Mad Cowboy'.  When they saw Mira, they knew that she is special and has the courage to survive. They trained her to be a skilled hunter. She also received her blowgun from them.

I wanted Joko's design to be shockingly menacing. His looks need to be fancy and have a cowboy silhouette.  I decided to choose 'F' because the design fits the location. The open shirt shows his flamboyant behavior and it looks simple.

Joko's costume design needs to look fancy yet simple.  I decided to use the traditional Indonesian Batik pattern and some  Dayak motifs in him because he was part of the Dayak tribe,  joined with his father when he's still alive. The hat needs to look like a cowboy but with straw material. He holds the decapitated slave's head because she disobeys him.

Joko needs to look notorious and doesn't hide from anyone. The bright warm orange with gold stripe fits the character since Mira is in the 'cool color'. The sword he's holding is called 'mandau' which is the traditional weapon of the Dayak people of Borneo.

This is the final look for Joko 'The Mad Cowboy'. I gave him burn scars to show that he is actually crazy. The porcupine quills give sharp shapes that make him threatening and look like a crown. The colorful necklace with the boar tusks shows his richness and the Dayak tattoo motifs show his tribe background. I also added some more cowboy elements like the belt buckle and the revolver gun. The mandau sword itself based on scrolls and leech motifs.  It's also a sword from the past leaders of the Dayak tribe.

And lastly, I gave him a cigarette to show his relaxed attitude, and doesn't mind sharing with folks who need it.

Mira slashing through her enemies like a predator lurking in the shadows. I wanted this scene to be dark and brooding but at the same time showing how deadly she is. I gave a slight dutch angle to make the action dynamic. I also added the heavy rain since the location is in the tropical jungle.


An undercover spec ops soldier was assigned to investigate a drug cartel in the slums of Indonesia. After being caught and got his wife killed in front of him, he seeks revenge by not following the orders he received.


Horror genre based on Indonesian folklore.

Pocong (left): He is a soul of a dead person trapped in a Muslim burial shroud. Rangda brought him back to life to help her fight her goals.

Rangda (middle): She is the demon queen of the leyaks in Bali. She eats children and can revive lost souls. She has a long venomous tongue and she moves with her entrails that are still attached. She also moves like a Balinese dancer.

Sundel Bolong (right): She is a prostitute who was raped and killed by men. Rangda brought her back to life and made her gave birth to their children in her grave through her back. She can now create babies as weapons from the hole on her back.


Liana is born on the Hidden-Krakatoa island. she joined the special forces to protect her village and family when she was 13. she made a promise to her mother that she will protect her brother at all costs. She's highly trained in combat thanks to her village who trained her since she was 5. She also specialized in stealth since she has her camouflage ability.


Set in 2077,  A pro underground MMA fighter sets for revenge in the killing of her father.

costume exploration

Rina is specialized in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Pencak Silat. She uses the sarong to choke, trap and entangle opponents.

Rina's orthographic character design

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