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Legouini Clément - 2021 Concept art mashup

Legouini Clément - 2021 Concept art mashup

Legouini Clément
by LegouiniClement on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hey everyone ! This is my first year as a concept art student at New3dge ! Here are some works i did this year ! Cheers !!

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Holla ! Here's a concept of a Hideout Bandit Camp which is supplied with energy by the solar panel fabric from the main structure ! I really love weird rocks so it was super fun to do ! I did my design during a VR Design class gived by Pierre Lazarevic at New3dge ! That was a really good moment, I have made a lot of progress in my way of thinking about my designs !

Here's 2 keyframe that i did during a class with Max Schiller ! I had to do a crypt; so I was inspired by The Terracotta Army in China and The mummy of a monk found in a Buddhist statue. Learned a lot about his process, composition and lighting !!

During January i had to revisite the theme of King Arthur so i turned it into a sci fi story during a Lucile Meunier class. I'm more into environment now so it was super cool to get back on characters !

« He lives by competing in races. Always looking for spare parts to pimp his racer; one day, thinking to find a new piece, he found " Viviana ". She’s an IA , a remnant from the round table, who was in charge to choose the king. He will have to protect her. » ( my lil speech )

Concept of a hotel occupied by a guerrilla. Done during a class about interior design with Danar Worya. It was one of my first image of the year; it's crazy how time flies !

Here's a concept of a sci-fi rooftop that i did during a class with Jad Saber ! 

Concept of a drone that i did during a Emilie Rinna class about props design !

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