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Game Environment Art Projects

Game Environment Art Projects

Pieter Cornelius
by pietercornelius on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I am proud to share my environment projects made during my time @ Think Tank Online.

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The Dwarven Blacksmith Room

I used Niagara to create the fire and the candle flames were made with a simple panner material with opacity channel.

I tried to keep the atmosphere dusty and warm and made use of various decals to create dirt and grime throughout the scene. The hot coal barrels were textured in designer with an emissive map to create the glowing rods and coals.

The oven was sculpted in Zbrush using 4 brick/stone variations. I then baked and textured the oven in designer with a metal edge wear to create some ageing on the bricks. A detail normal was used to bring back some of the lost detail on the large asset.

The props had a combination of bigger details sculpted in zbrush and finer detail added in painter during texturing.

The Ivy leaves were sculpted in zbrush and placed along a "paint fx" branch in maya, baked onto a plane and textured in Painter with an ivy leaf photo used as projection. I then created a foliage material in Unreal to give the leaves a lighter subsurface color on the back.

All materials were made in substance designer except for the props which were textured in painter. The tree bark material took the most time to create.

Moroccan courtyard - Riad Idrissy

The Moroccan Riad was created as my Intermediate term final project.

The Foliage was created in Maya using Megascans Atlases as the base.

I had so much fun creating this scene that I also decided to create a night version.

Almost all props and doors were textured using Painter.

I used various decals and a subtle vert blend around the walls and floors to add some breakup around the scene.

CZ Scorpion EVO 3

I chose to model the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 as my intermediate term hero prop assignment. Baking in Marmoset and textured in Painter using the baked maps for the generators.

FPS Hands by Eugene Petrov -

I am thankful for all the great mentors and artists I have met along this journey and I am looking forward to future projects and friendships still to come.

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