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Matt Brett - 3D Characters

Matt Brett - 3D Characters

Matthew Brett
by mattbrett on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A collection of my characters!

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Hello! I'm Matt, a 3D character artist finishing up my 3rd year of university at Falmouth. Here are some of the better pieces I've completed on my course! I love modelling all things odd, creepy and characterful.

The Cosmic Colonial

This original character and his crew scout the star-ways in search of plunder and glory. It was made for a Sea of Thieves inspired monster hunter game where you captain a cosmic vessel to take down colossal titans in the galaxy. Inspired by Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Kubalai Kraken - Search for a Star 2021

Check out my documentation here -

This character was made for Grads In Games' "Search For A Star" contest. We had to make a game ready character based on a theme (mine was Strange Sports) and I made this fella over the course of around 4 and a half weeks! The character totalling 9,950 polys and 3 UDIMs (excluding extra assets).

Humphrey the Halberdier

Here is Humphrey the Halberdier, a resurrected war veteran brought back to life through the means of science!

This is a project for my second year of university studying Game Development: Art in Falmouth University. I used this project to learn hard surface and character rigging as I was pretty comfortable with organic sculpting in ZBrush. This is my first attempt at realism though using skin detail. The aim was to make it game ready! The poly count came to 23,240.

I am super happy with how the project turned out and I learned so much, I'm eager to keep learning too as I've had so much fun with this project.

Infinite Bounty (2021)

I worked as character and creature artist for Ludophoria's debut game, Infinite Bounty. Players assume the role of a cog in the machine of interdimensional planetary acquisition. Tasked with collecting precious gems (nugs) from the dying planet "Ignova" much to the indigenous life-form's displeasure.

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