Concept art / Visual development

Concept art / Visual development

Jade Perdrillat
by jadeperdrillat on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here are some works that I did between 2020 and 2021, including my graduation project. I mainly did character design and illustrations.

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Character design of one of the 7 deadly sins : Sloth 

Friends of Fortune is a graduation student project.

It's a couch-coop party-game where you play with your phone as a controller and a PC as a screen.

Here are some of the work I did for this project

The characters were designed to be customizable (hair, ears / horns, clothes), so I made them androgynous and as silhouettes so that everyone could identify with them.

The customization was cut later of the project and due to lack of time, we chose to keep only 4 defined archetypes : Range, Strength, Magic and Heal.

The Divinity of Fortune created the world in which the players are. By manipulating the environment, their luck did not follow them and found themself corrupted by strange red crystals.

Initially, this character was to be a kind of guide showing the way and handing the dice to the players so that they can create their characters.

Here are the marketing assets I worked on (for posters and social media)

Here is my first attempt to use this software.

I made a 2D concept of the creature and 3D sculpted and painted it in Zbrush.

A character design inspired by small figurines that I found on Pinterest: Hemera-maru and Nox-maru (by Fingertip Dreamland)

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