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Personality Lab

Personality Lab

by mzchen on 3 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

An interactive project combined with personality test

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Personality Lab is an interactive project combined with personality test. Getting to know yourself means understanding your behavior and responses to certain situations. That’s why personality test are so good at helping you understand who you are.

This is my Behance link:

Experience steps:

1. Answer simple 15 questions by scanning QR code go into a website (Read your result by phone, can download immediately through email), OR reading the poster on site

2. Interactive installation art to play. By touching those dancers(sensors) can hear the types of people(recorded audio) telling you how to communicate with them

3. Play a simple interactive game to really understand yourself and others. By using a stepping machine to be your controller, going Left or Right to catch the "eggs".

4. Comments board and quotes stickers

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