Sandro Girardi student projects 2021

Sandro Girardi student projects 2021

by sandro on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hey! Here you will find a collection of projects I have worked on in the past year in my own time and during my classes

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Maggot Wolf project: This project started as a series of sketches I had done over the summer vacation for a concept of a quadruped creature living in a low light/no light environment such as caverns. I then took these sketches and decided to use them for a 3D workshop in which we were tasked to push a model to the point of it being movie or production ready!

 Programs used: Maya, Mari, Zbrush, Nuke, Substance, Photoshop

Here are my final images, i chose to present this creature, i wanted to go for a more horror mood for this one since a lot of my inspiration stemmed from H.R Gigers Alien design!

For the Whale project Daria Burdukovskaya and I decided to create each a creature living in the same environment. A parasite, and its host. I decided to make the host, a whale like creature, An apex hunter of the seas, also a perfect victim for a parasite to latch on to! With the whale I wanted to make it recognizable, using killer whale physiology but i also wanted it to have elements that are rarely found in animals of that size. Both Daria and i were happy to have the opportunity to collaborate with some of our classmates, leading to our assets being rigged, animated and placed in a real life environment footage!

Programs used: Maya, Mari, Zbrush, Nuke, Photoshop.

Another personal project of mine was the Harpy, I had decided to take this iconic creature from Greek mythology and do something new with it. I found that there were far too many representations of harpies being female and attractive, and I felt like as a villainous creature in mythology it needed less recognizably human elements.

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