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Bind & Banish - Game Project

Bind & Banish - Game Project

Adam Fautley
by adamfautley on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A University Project made by Indie-Shark Games. Team - Adam Fautley / Robert Dutton / Natalia Miękina / Joshua Fisher / Nat Waterworth / Dean Holland / Raimund Kod / Mark Fabian

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Bind & Banish

"As a ghost hunter extraordinaire, take on different jobs from the desperate pleas of customers nagged by the paranormal. Track, restrain and banish the mischievous spirits while causing minimal damage to the residence."

Bind & Banish is a first person single player game where the player is a ghost hunter tasked with banishing spirits out of different locations. By accepting various job offers, the player chooses the location to go to and who to help. With the use of their weapon, the player can detect the ghosts, tether them to objects or walls and generate black holes that banish them. 

However, their weapon can also damage the location of the job offer - the players need to be careful not to damage the property too much, as it affects their final payment and overall score. The ghosts in each location will not make it easy either, giving all sorts of trouble for the player while they hunt for them.

Gameplay Showcase

Below is a detailed video going over all the gameplay elements within Bind & Banish! Going from basic movement right through to capturing those pesky ghosts using a Black Hole device!

Game Art & Animation Showcase

Environment Design

The environments within Bind & Banish were created with a colour scheme that allowed it to fall into the background for the ghosts & VFX to take centre stage.

Weapon & Prop Design

For the weapons, we took a lot of inspiration from the Steampunk aesthetic which fit alongside our Victorian hotel. A large chunk of the UI is contained within the weapon to serve diegetic for players. 

Keeping with the wacky, stylized theme, our props all have a slight crooked appearance which keeps them all consistent. Alongside this, a library of custom smart materials are used to texture every element of Bind & Banish to keep the visuals fluent.

Enemy Design

The ghosts of Bind & Banish were designed to have a wacky, quirky appearance that make use of vibrant shaders & animations to stand out against the environment.

Their animations in particular vary from simple movement to taunting players and chatting to each other! This approach was to convey their personalities more due to their large focus in-game.

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