Matt Humphrey -  Environment Art

Matt Humphrey - Environment Art

by Matteyi on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Selection of environment pieces/ prop art I have created over the last year during my final year at university.

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I wanted to focus on the mental health that comes alongside isolation and try to reflect these emotions accordingly. I wanted to channel utter desperation and despair within a home setting, where the emotions should normally portray the opposite: joy, comfort, and safety. I wanted to juxtapose the comfort with the isolation to maximise the feeling of discomfort.

I created this scene over 6 weeks for the Search For A Star 2021 competition. I based my entry on many great artists

Tian Gan - The Office of the casino Boss & sets

Cmy Cai - The Whisperer in darkness - guest room

These are some of the assets I worked on in my recent uni group project The Forgotten Gods. These assets really challenged me to push me to produce at my highest quality I could reach.

Textured in substance painter

Rendered In marmoset toolbag 

All assets are quad drawn, but the rocks are decimated

Full Pillar 2,465 polys

Half Pillar 1,679 Polys

Odin Door - 10,492 Polys

Odin Door - Low Poly

Odin Door close up - Low Poly

Odin - High Poly

Pillar - Low Poly

Pillar - High Poly

This is the group project I have been working on for the past 6 Weeks for my third year at Escape Studios.

I was in charge of making materials for the scene.

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