Leonid Alekseev
by Alekseev on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi! My name is Leo, Sharing the projects and some portfolio works done at New3dge concept art class.

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First project is based on  book "Future" by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

It is quite dark dystopian story which takes place in Europe around 2300 year. 

I decided to design a city of Barcelona described in few chapters of the book.

This city is surrounded by wall, which doesn't allow people go outside. 

Parallels to refugee camp or prison are definitely there.

 Huge mega towers are built on top old Barcelona.

Old city is hidden under the massive platform covering whole old city.

Many things on environments are described by author, but still a lot of interesting problems  and questions appeared during the project. Many design decisions had to be made.

I wanted to create the city, which has dystopian feeling but at the same time -with it’s own identity.

Under the platform.
Huge concrete platform covers old city of Barcelona like a coffin.
All the underground city is in bad condition.

Design of the tower was a very interesting task. Each tower consist of around 200 floors and contains around 40 k people. Many people live in slums below the towers.

Design of the power plant building

In the center of the city it was decided to have a dominance building, the idea of central hub appeared.

Because the idea of AI was already there, I decided that the dome is the starting point from which all the construction process was started.

Design of the dome was different from towers and seemed organically looking with the rest of the city.

This dome is the central hub of the city, the place from which the construction of towers started. On the walls we see 3d printed repairing cells. It's a growing material which repairs broken construction parts. I wanted it to be weird and be organically looking to have a contrast with towers, which are very structured and repetitive.

Under the platform the everything is looking weird: 3d printed cells are recovering damaged  eroded places of concrete. This idea was interesting and tricky to discover. 

Early exploration piece. Jan (Main character) has to make a hard discision. 

Work in progress image, to be finished soon.

Design of the electric gun.

When main idea and «design pillars» were established, it was time to explore the scale of towers in comparison with old Barcelona.  During the exploration some unexpected ideas appeared, for example «what if the city was flooded with water because of the global warming?».

Searching for the look under the platform. Should this world look like a huge cave? 

In some moment I thought some of towers could be integrated with the dome.

This concepts were done for the group of Game art team

Nicolas Dusseaume, Quentin Hofmann, Clément Néca, Maxime Genest, Juliette Battier, Adrian Erramoun, Thomas Le Gall, Victor Rouxel

They provided the pitch design document with all their ideas and references about how they want their project to look like.  

For this project I used a lot Vr to block out  the level. Gravity sketch helped me a lot in this process.

House of the boss

That was amazing experience to make some concepts and keyframes for the vfx group in New3dge:

Ines Alonso Dumaitre, Sofia Gonzalez Saksida, Ronan Lefèvre, Guilhem Mahoudeau, Loïc Weil, Tom Oheix

We were given a brief document with all the ideas and references for their project. My task was to design a operation surgery room.

Concepts for the technical stuff in surgery room.

Some storyboard bits. 

Time to say Thank You to all our amazing teachers:

Nils Carstens-for art directing the "Future"  project.

And all our amazing instructors- for being amazing teachers and professionals, BUT also being super nice people:

Aurélien Fournir, Finnian Macmanus, Jad Saber, Timothy Rodriguez, Danar Worya, Jason Horley, Julien Gauthier, Jamie Ro, Mike Hill, Wouter Gort(Wokkie), Florent Lebrun, Greg Danton, Ulysse Verhasselt, Jessica Rossier, Bastien Grivet, Jama Jurabaev, Nathan Fowkes, Eytan Zana, Lucile Meunier, Thierry Rivière, Jens Claessens.

And for all our classmates-that was a bless to meet you, help each other with advices and be hand by hand together.

My friend and classmate Arash Razavi for support and advices.

Fabien Roumazilles  and Aurélien Fournier - for creating this class at New3dge.

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