Kitchen  day and night

Kitchen day and night

by Ismail on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

welcome my first architecture visualization. This took me two weeks to produce and it is first for many upcoming projects like this in the future.

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Kitchen day and night

This is a school project that I have been working for two weeks. The assignment was to produce a day and night render of the same perspective. I real enjoyed working on this project because the amazing teacher and classmates that were kind enough to help me with the problems that come along the way. But most importantly i've learned a lot about lighting and render settings and gathered a set of experiences and skills that I am most definitely using in my upcoming projects.

Day render

Night render

although this being my first time making a fully architecture visualization, I think it turned out great however there is always a room for improvements, and I am willing to pursue on that.

Day lighting 

Night lighting

I took my time modelling and texturing most of the props, but there are some downloaded models like the watch and the kitchen utensils on the breakfast bar which I’ve downloaded from chaos cosmos. All fruits and trees are also downloaded from chaos cosmos.

inspiration and reverence

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